Check out a few of the many testimonials over the years

“As a pro-golfer I came in to see Dr. Bill because I had been fighting some mental obstacles. I was really getting stress out and it was affecting my golf game and my personal life.  Dr. Bill introduced me to what he called the 'easy chair'. Wow, after only 20 hours with Dr. Bill I have found new ways to overcome my mental obstacles and I know my mind is in a better state to deal with everyday life. His training has given me the capacity to think more clearly. I can’t express how energized and excited I am to put all that Dr. Bill taught me into practice.”  

- Ben W

"When I first came to see Dr. Bill I could not sleep and was having panic attracts almost daily. I was on so many medications. Within two visits I noticed I was less anxious and after 4 months I am now sleeping through the night, my doctor has almost taken me off all my medications and I have not had a panic attack in the last 30 days"!

- Barbara T

"I did not know what to think at first when Dr. Bill Singer told me about neurofeedback. I had never heard of anything like it before. Wow, I am glad that I did. My life is so much better. I am not so angry with everyone and I am sleeping all night for the first time in years".


- Laquesha J

"Dr. Bill has a way of showing how much he cares that is obvious the first time you hear his voice. I have never met anyone who had put in the time to really learn how to offer to me just what I needed. The training that I received in just 10 hours was truly life changing in more ways than I can describe. My life is so much better now"!