All Neurofeedback Services are offered in my Orlando office for children ages 5 and up and adults of all ages.

This unique brain training offered by Orlando Neurofeedback has no equivalent, as it is entertaining, pleasant, relaxing, safe and non intrusive. It is rapidly adopted by children and adults who appreciate to get a clear and visual response to their brain activity. The results are particularly notable between sessions while the quality of sleep improves and attention is enhanced. It is also a tool that leads to a deep relaxation with such results as clarity of mind and well-being. I have found that when your brain works better your marriage often improves, you enjoy your job more, your relationships in general are better and there is less anger and much more joy and peace in your life!

If your brain has something to do with it, then Neurofeedback 

can help you!

                     Options For  Length Of Trainings

        - Individual Neurofeedback Training lasting 1 hour = $150.00

        - Individual Neurofeedback Training lasting 2 hours = $300.00
        - Intensive Accelerated Neurofeedback Training of 10 hours over 3 days                                                                                                = $1500.00

                           What is Neurofeedback Anyway?

It is brain training.

Neurofeedback, also called Biofeedback EEG, provides real time analysis of a person's electrical brain's activity and delivers visual and acoustic information about brain waves properties and this way allows individuals to improve intuitively and progressively their physical, mental and emotional functioning. Overall my client’s mental fatigue significantly decreases and their overall quality of life often improves to a much higher level. 

Practically we can learn everything, as long as we get valid feedback that clearly shows us if the action is accurate or not. This is the typical pattern of every physical or intellectual learning process, like walking, talking or driving a vehicle. However when it comes to internal body functions, like for instance the regulation functions, it is virtually impossible to consciously and directly have an influence on them. We only realize that something doesn't work properly when those functions are reduced, stop or induce pain.  

Although Neurofeedback is highly complex from a technological perspective, it is however very simple to use. In practice, electrodes are fastened to the scalp and ears. Brain waves are detected by a decoder/amplifier (electroencephalograph) which provides the computer and the dedicated software with data. The practitioner is in charge of the software on his own screen while a multimedia activity is delivered to the client on a different screen in the form of a move, game, music or a video animation.

Often  a game or a video animation goes by and as much as the activity in a target range is increasing, the video animation goes smoothly forward or any other positive feedback is delivered to the client. This is the principle of the reward that we receive when we do right. If the activity in an undesirable target range increases, the game or the animation simply slows down, or even stops. Progressively the brain responds to the received indications and can - at last - make the difference between right and wrong and can learn from that experience a better functioning that will be memorized by the brain as it is one of its properties  *Please note, that I utilize a very different format for feedback and does not involve playing games or any effort on your part! 

The number of sessions varies based on the individual needs of each person but on average 10 to 30 training sessions/treatments is all that is required. It appears that for most people 1 to 2 times a week yields the best results. My clients usually begin to see real improvement with 5 to 7 sessions. 

On average you can expect to maintain the improvements for many years but I would recommend that you come back in for an additional session or two every couple of years or sooner if you have a dramatic life change. 

                   What are Optimal Living Intensive Accelerated Trainings ?

I believe the quickest and easiest way you can have the life you deserve and want is by choosing to do a 3 day Optimal Living Accelerated Trainings on weekends and weekdays . During these three days of accelerated trainings, I will work with you "one - on - one".

I often include life enhancement coaching sessions with neurobiofeedback and a stress reducing infrared massage bed, to help you reach your full potential and improve your life balance, so you can experience Real Optimal Living!


Weekend Accelerated Training Schedule                                                

              Friday 7pm - 9pm
              Saturday 9am - 11am & 7pm - 9pm
              Sunday 9am - 11am & 5pm - 7pm

Weekday Accelerated Training Schedule
               Monday 9am - 11am & 7pm - 9pm
               Tuesday 9am - 11am & 7pm - 9pm
               Wednesday 9am - 11am

Total cost for each 10 hours of  the Optimal Living Accelerated Trainings  = $1,500 US

Beautiful Office in Orlando

All training sessions will be held at our beautiful Metro West office located in the central part of the state offering easy accessibility for clients in North Florida and those from South Florida and cities such as Winter Park, Metro West, Dr. Phillips, Windermere, Kissimmee, Celebration, Clermont and Winter Garden.